• Inhibispheres® are essentially silica particles and can be used to replace any other filler or pigment in a paint or coating formulation.
  • Inhibispheres® should be milled to properly disperse in a liquid medium preferably in a bead or basket mill using ZrO2 milling media.
  • Coatings usually require between 1-5% of material for effective corrosion protection. Some coatings may need as much as 15% for demanding applications (e.g. chromate replacement on aluminium).
  • For a stable dispersion, a dispersant can be used to aid the dispersibility of the Inhibispheres® products.



Inhibispheres® are submicron ceramic particles which can provide specific functionalities to classic coating formulations. Active materials, such as corrosion inhibitors, can be incorporated inside the ‘Smart Particles’, which can then simply be mixed into a paint or coating formulation. The particles are mechanically resistant, can survive paint formulation processes (e.g. mixing, grinding, extrusion) and will not adversely affect the mechanical properties of the coating.