Inhibispheres® A


  • Product name: Inhibispheres® A
  • Product abbreviation: ISA
  • Product type: Corrosion inhibitor
  • Matrix type: Hybrid silica (submicron)
  • Relative releaserate: Slow
  • Inhibitor nature: Organic
  • Compatibility: Water based, Some solvent based, Solvent free
  • Substrates: Steel
  • Typical applications: Traditional corrosion inhibitor replacement

ISA added at different levels extends the duration of corrosion protection in the coating


Same alkyd primer with traditional corrosion inhibitor and MiOx
Primer only no scribe (500 hours NSST)
Dose response for Inhibispheres® addition
Increasing inhibitor reducing corrosion




Inhibispheres® are submicron ceramic particles which can provide specific functionalities to classic coating formulations. Active materials, such as corrosion inhibitors, can be incorporated inside the ‘Smart Particles’, which can then simply be mixed into a paint or coating formulation. The particles are mechanically resistant, can survive paint formulation processes (e.g. mixing, grinding, extrusion) and will not adversely affect the mechanical properties of the coating.