How the Technology Works

  • Inhibispheres® are porous silica particles containing encapsulated corrosion inhibitors. Their payload is released by diffusion through the porous silica matrix.
  • The spheres can be easily introduced in the paint or coating formulation and are designed to avoid leaching in the pot.
  • Inhibispheres™ which are homogeneously dispersed inside the coating become activated, either during the rupture of the coating (e.g. cut), or by the presence of water in the paint film during immersion or condensation.
  • The released inhibitors then diffuse rapidly to the corrosion site.



Inhibispheres® are submicron ceramic particles which can provide specific functionalities to classic coating formulations. Active materials, such as corrosion inhibitors, can be incorporated inside the ‘Smart Particles’, which can then simply be mixed into a paint or coating formulation. The particles are mechanically resistant, can survive paint formulation processes (e.g. mixing, grinding, extrusion) and will not adversely affect the mechanical properties of the coating.