About Us


  • Ceramisphere Pty Ltd is a privately owned company manufacturing & marketing a patented technology for the encapsulation, transport, delivery and controlled release of molecules using sub-micron or micron sized ceramic spheres.
  • As leaders in the field of sol-gel chemistry, we are currently working on the application of this exciting technology to a wide range of commercial opportunities.
  • We have state-of-the-art R&D facilities in Sydney Australia where we undertake product development, scale-up, production and testing of our novel materials.
  • We also have established a manufacturing facility located in the northern suburbs of Sydney producing Inhibispheres®: our range of smart corrosion inhibitors.
  • Beyond corrosion inhibitors we are developing unique ”Smart Additives” additives for CASE and a variety of other industries.



Inhibispheres® are submicron ceramic particles which can provide specific functionalities to classic coating formulations. Active materials, such as corrosion inhibitors, can be incorporated inside the ‘Smart Particles’, which can then simply be mixed into a paint or coating formulation. The particles are mechanically resistant, can survive paint formulation processes (e.g. mixing, grinding, extrusion) and will not adversely affect the mechanical properties of the coating.